A Glifmoji is an AI avatar that can be used as an input in a glif. It’s best for creating amazing AI selfies.

Create Your Glifmoji

  • Click on "Create Glifmoji" from the menu or "Set up Glifmoji" on the Settings page.

  • Click "Get Started."

  • Give your Glifmoji a name.

    • Tips: Keep it simple and memorable. Don’t use personally identifiable information.

Image Upload

Take three selfies from these angles for the best Glifmoji experience:

  • Looking to the left

  • Looking to the right

  • Head-on selfie

Image Tips

  • Please upload images that you have the right to use and distribute.

  • Upload sharp images with at least a resolution of 1024x1024.

  • Make sure you are the most prominent entity in the picture. It's better not to have any other humans in the photos other than you.

  • Using images of yourself in different poses, clothing and lighting, is best.

Caption Tips

  • Stay concise and caption all attributes in the scene that are unrelated to your selfie.

    • If you always have the same hair (e.g. curls), don't caption it.

    • If you sometimes wear glasses, caption it.

    • You can caption the clothes you are wearing, but stay general.

    • You can caption the background, but stay general

  • "A photo of" is prepended to the captions when training.

Privacy Settings

  • Set your Glifmoji to be used only by you or by everyone on Glif.

    • Note: Enabling the “everyone” option allows other Glif community members to generate images based on your likeness in a variety of visual contexts.

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