๐Ÿ“™Reading & writing data via the API

These endpoints are highly beta and subject to change

Eg for fetching info about a specific glif, user, or a specific glifRun.

Paginate using ?page= when applicable. You can also increase the # of results per page using e.g. ?limit=50, currently defaulting to 20 and capped at 100

Individual glif

  • fetch a specific glif: GET https://glif.app/api/glifs?id=clgh1vxtu0011mo081dplq3xs

  • includes full glif-graph JSON in the data field

Lists of glifs

  • fetch all public glifs: GET https://glif.app/api/glifs

  • fetch featured glifs on homepage: GET https://glif.app/api/glifs?featured=1

  • fetch user's glifs by username: GET https://glif.app/api/glifs?username=jamiedubs

  • fetch user's glifs by user ID: GET https://glif.app/api/glifs?userId=asdfasdfasdf

Runs for a given glif

Fetch public runs (outputs) for a given glif: GET https://glif.app/api/runs?glifId=asdfasdfasdf

Create a glif

Currently in private testing; contact us if you'd like to try this out

Rough example, using httpie:

http POST https://glif.app/api/glifs name="test API glif" description="just testing" graph:='{"nodes": []}' Authorization:"Bearer $GLIF_API_TOKEN"

User info

  • none at this time

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