🎨Glif Browser Extension

Remix any image on the web with the Glif browser extension.



  • After the extension is installed, right-click on any image and select β€œGlif it!”. (Alternatively, you can click the extension icon in the toolbar and then paste in any image.)

  • Select a Glif effect to run from the dropdownβ€”experiment with all of them!

  • Enter your own prompt or click the "✨ Generate prompt for me" button for an AI generated example prompt.

  • Click the β€œGlif it!” button.

  • That’s it! Your remixed image will be generated in about 30 seconds.

  • Bonus: Using buttons in the gallery below, you can share, download, or even swap your image onto the webpage!


To get started, we recommend using the extension on these excellent public domain resources:

Comfy UI

For advanced users, the Glif Extension may be used to process web images using your local installation of Comfy UI. Comfy is popular and powerful tool for running Stable Diffusion models.

Step 1: Connect Comfy tab

Open Comfy in a Chrome browser tab. If you are using the default url of, it will be automatically connected with Glif. If you are using a different url, simply open the Glif sidebar by activating it from the toolbar. You can click the pin icon to show the glif icon in your toolbar for later.

Look for the Glif logo in the toolbar to know that it is connected.

Step 2: Load and configure a workflow

Load a Comfy workflow that takes an input image and a text prompt. Modify the image node title to include anywhere the text GLIF anywhere in the title, and then do the same for the text prompt node. (Modify node titles by right-clicking and select "Properties Panel".) This tells the Glif extension where it should pass the image and prompt from the web.

Step 3: Run the workflow

Run the workflow at least once with the new titles, and with any image or prompt.

Step 4: Open the sidebar

Open the Glif sidebar on comfy by clicking the Glif logo in the Comfy toolbar or the glif button in the browser toolbar.

Step 5: Save the workflow

Click the "Edit" button at the top of the sidebar. Then click "Import from History" to load the last run.

This will fill in the JSON of your workflow. Modify the title to something memorable, and then click the button "Add Comfy Workflow". Congratulations, your Comfy workflow can now be used anywhere you go on the web!

Step 6: Use your workflow on a web image

Open a new tab and find an interesting image. (Note: it is very important you leave the comfy tab open. ) As usual, right click and select "Glif It!". Click the Preset Selector and scroll to the bottom. You will find any saved Comy workflows here.


If you run into repeated errors when using the browser extension, please contact us.


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