What is Glif?

Glif is a playful low-code platform for creating tiny AI-powered generators called glifs.
At a basic level, a glif takes user inputs (text, an image, or the click of a button) and generates an output (text, an image, a video, or a combination of those) using powerful AI models.
A glif can be an AI selfie generator, an image generator, a video, a meme, a comic, a story, or something else entirely that you dream up. Surprise us!


Use existing glifs made by our creative community to generate fun images, GIFs, and text. Use your Glifmoji to generate an AI selfie. Make a comic about your pet dog. Create a cyberpunk character. New glifs are being dreamed up every day, so check back often.


Create a tiny AI media generator using our friendly yet powerful builder.
Building a glif is like playing with blocks as a kid. In our case, a block can be an input or an output. Each block works together with other blocks to generate your creative vision.


Still confused? The best way to understand Glif is by diving right in. Explore glifs, run glifs, remix glifs, and build glifs. Have fun and feel free to share feedback with us about your experience.
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